Tayden Speakers

Tayden HIGH BRIT 12" Guitar Speaker 8ohm

Designed and Hand-made in the UK, the Tayden HIGH BRIT has evolved from the TRUE BRIT, the classic 1970s British blues/rock guitar Speaker. The Tayden HIGH BRIT has a higher power handling than the True Brit, designed for more bandwidth and greater efficiency than the TRUE BRIT.

The HIGH BRIT's higher power enables fast attack with tightly controlled low-end. The HIGH BRIT delivers precise midrange and crisp defined top-end whilst maintaining the TRUE BRIT's mid-range warmth and detail and with an added chruchy texture.

This is the 8ohm version and offers the following loading options

1X12"= 8ohm
2X12" Parallel =4ohm
2X12" Series =16ohm
4X12" Parallel =2ohm
4X12" Series =32ohm